Committee Vacancies

Welwyn Planning and Amenity Group Committee (WPAG)

Since the 1960s Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group Committee members have worked on behalf of the community to ensure that issues connected with:

  • Planning,
  • Community Safety,
  • Heritage and Environment in the Welwyn Parish are fully researched and acted upon.

The Committee has ensured that the WPAG Membership is kept fully informed on matters of importance. The WPAG website keeps members updated with newsletters and bulletins, together with links to other Welwyn-based organisations and local events.

The Committee meets only a few times a year, and has remained constant for several years. Committee work is enjoyable and it is not onerous.

On the Planning side of activities, up to two WPAG Committee members are co-opted onto each meeting of the Welwyn Parish Council Planning and Licensing Committee, which meets once every 3 weeks. But as only two are needed at a time, WPAG rotate attendance according to convenience. Shared among a full committee, the duties are therefore minimal.

Vacancies on Committee

Very sadly, over the past 12 months the Committee has lost several committee members through ill-health and death and as a result are urgently seeking four new Committee Members.

If you feel you could spare a little time to join the committee of what is a very worthwhile group, they would love to talk to you.

You would be doing something very worthwhile for your community whilst having the opportunity to get involved in helping to maintain the status quo of our beautiful village. Please email for more information.



Welwyn Parish is located in central Hertfordshire and has a population of approximately 10,000. The Parish boundary follows the old Great North Road (now B197), the A1M motorway and parallel London-York-Edinburgh railway.  The parish comprises the village itself, Digswell, Oaklands and Mardley Heath.

Welwyn Parish Council provides a variety of venues for hire (please visit for more information), sports pitches, recreation and play areas, car parks, a cemetery, and  allotments. The Council also maintains public footpaths, open spaces, churchyards.

Welwyn Parish Council is the first tier of local government and has an important role to play in promoting the village and outlying settlements, representing its interests and supporting the work of different groups and residents within the community. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is the second tier of local government and is responsible for services including housing, environmental services and strategic planning policies for all development (including housing and employment sites). Finally, Hertfordshire County Council is the third level of local government and is responsible for highways, relating to both roads and footways (pavements), education, health and social services, public rights of way and libraries.

Welwyn Parish Council prides itself for its strong community spirit with a wide range of clubs and organisations meeting regularly to support the village. To facilitate this Welwyn Parish Council considers applications for support from the community in the form of the Community Grant Scheme, available to projects, charities or community activities which are expressly supporting the residents and community of Welwyn Parish (covering Welwyn, Digswell, Oaklands and Mardley Heath). For more information on our Community Grant Scheme process please click here.

Our aim is to serve and respond to the needs of the community by:

  • providing a strong and independent voice for the community,
  • to safeguard and enhance the traditions, character and identity of the Parish,
  • to promote the Parish as a clean, safe, welcoming and vibrant place to live and work,
  • to provide high standards and cost effective services, and
  • to work in partnership with others to achieve for all.