Welwyn Allotments

Welwyn Parish Council Allotments site provides 89 of various sizes for parishioners and others to enjoy.  Every year we run an Allotment Competition and hold periodic inspections to ensure that rented plots aren’t left unworked and thus become overgrown.

Please click here to find details of our Allotment Handbook which incorporates the current rules and regulations, a copy of our tenancy agreement form and a map of the plots on our allotment site; we currently have allotment plots available to rent, please contact the office for details 01438 716667.

Please note that taps at the water points on the allotments may be turned off from Monday 21st December until early Spring to avoid the risk of a burst pipe under freezing conditions.

Welwyn Allotments Association

Welwyn Allotments Association maintains a sales hut which is regularly stocked with goods suitable for allotment or garden use, at very competitive prices.  Association membership is open to all parishioners whether or not they are plot holders.    There is also an excellent scheme for purchasing seeds, again at extremely low prices.   Various social events are organised throughout the year including having a stall and participating in the Village Day festivities.

Members are protected whilst on the allotments for third party liability insurance cover.
You can find an example of their newsletter below as well as their membership form (it’s just £8 a year).
For any other queries please contact: waasecretary1@gmail.com

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