Councillor Bill Morris, representing Welwyn village.


Telephone: 01438 715164

Current term 2019-2023

“I was born in North London and my wife Pat and I have lived in Welwyn for over 30 years.   I have a BSc in Electronics and an MSc in Management; I am a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.  I spent most of my career in telecommunications in a range of engineering and management posts, retiring as Director of Security.  I also served in Territorial Army Royal Signals for 24 years, retiring in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and having been awarded the Territorial Decoration.  I am currently a School Governor at St Mary’s and was Chair of Governors there for 4 years.  My wife and I are regular worshippers at St Mary’s Church. I was first appointed to the Parish Council in 2011 and served as Chair of the Council from 2014 until 2019.  I joined the Council to put something back into the village we love and to help sustain it as a pleasant and vibrant social and commercial location where people can enjoy living, working and raising a family.  I try to ensure that our village life continues as the majority of residents would like, with minimal interference from those who do not live here but nevertheless think they know best. Like my colleagues, I too am convinced that Parish Councils have a vital role to play in local democracy.  ”

Membership of Committees

All councillors can be written to at: Welwyn Parish Council, Parish Centre, Lockleys Drive, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, AL6 9NT. Please mark it “Private & Confidential” if you do not wish staff to open it.

Declaration of interests (Register of Members Interests Form)
The link above goes to a folder with a Member Interest form for each councillor.  It provides a list of the Councillors interests which might be considered prejudicial.  For example if they owned a large number of shares in a company the council was dealing with