Contact your Councillor

Welwyn Village Ward

Current term 2015-2019

Text awaited from Councillor.

All councillors can be written to at:
  • Welwyn Parish Council, Parish Centre, Lockleys Drive, Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 9NT.

Please mark it “Private & Confidential” if you do not wish staff to open it.

Membership of Committees & External appointments

  • Finance Committee 2015-
  • Planning & Licensing Committee 2015-
  • Leisure Facilities and Open Spaces Committee 2017-

The councillor joined the council in 2015.

Other documents

Declaration of interests (Register of Members Interests Form)
The link above goes to a folder with a Member Interest form for each councillor.  It provides a list of the Councillors interests which might be considered prejudicial.  For example if they owned a large number of shares in a company the council was dealing with.