Councillor Mark Castle, representing Mardley Heath. 

Telephone: 01438 300146

All councillors can be written to at: Welwyn Parish Council, Parish Centre, Lockleys Drive, Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 9NT. Please mark it “Private & Confidential” if you do not wish staff to open it.

Current term 2019-2023

“I have lived in Welwyn Parish area since 1971 apart from a few years away at Polytechnic/University. I have now settled in Oaklands and Mardleyheath with my partner Marie and our young daughter. I work full time and my career over the last twenty years has been IT/Internet related. I am the owner of a local technology business based in Lemsford. I was elected to the Parish Council in 2010 and I have so far served (and continue to serve) on the Planning & Licencing Committee, The Finance Committee, The Car Park/Parking Committees along with the Recruitment Committee, The Cost Savings Committee and the Premises Working Party/Committee. I stood for the Parish Council as I hope to be able to contribute significantly to the local community as well as ensure that Mardleyheath has full representation within Welwyn Parish Council.”


Membership of Committees

Declaration of interests (Register of Members Interests Form)
The link above goes to a folder with a Member Interest form for each councillor.  It provides a list of the Councillors interests which might be considered prejudicial.  For example if they owned a large number of shares in a company the council was dealing with.