Councillor Tim Hogan, representing Oaklands.

Telephone: 01438 714394

Current term 2019 to 2023

“Born in Peartree maternity hospital, I grew up in Welwyn Garden City where I lived until moving to Mardley Heath in 2003. I studied engineering and have always worked in manufacturing where my focus is on exports & customer service.
A lifelong cyclist and outdoor activity participant, I’ve always been acutely aware of our impact on the environment and will be looking to minimise the impact of anything I, or the Council have control over”.

All councillors can be written to at: Welwyn Parish Council, Parish Centre, Lockleys Drive, Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 9NT.

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Membership of Committees


Register if interestsThe link above goes to a folder with a Member Interest form for each councillor.  It provides a list of the Councillors interests which might be considered prejudicial.  For example if they owned a large number of shares in a company the council was dealing with.