Welwyn Parish Council is responsible for a number of areas and to ensure it meets its statutory responsibilities agrees and reviews its policies and procedures on an annual basis (usually in May). The current Council policies and procedures can be accessed by clicking here.


Some of the documents approved for the municipal year 2018-2019 include:

Standing Orders – this document details the written rules of the Council and is used to confirm Council’s internal organisational, administrative, procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings.

Financial Regulations – these regulations govern the conduct of financial management by the Council.

Committees Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation  for the following Committees:  Leisure Facilities and Open Spaces, HR, Finance, Planning and Licensing, Community Engagement and the Burnham Green Joint Management Commitee.


Other Council policies include:

Allotment Handbook

Anti-bribery Policy

Burials and Cemetery Policy

Capability Policy

CCTV Policy

Complaints Policy

Co-option (casual vacancy) Policy

Discipline Procedures

Dignity at Work, Harassment and Bullying Policy

Emergency Plan

Environment Policy

Equal and Diversity Policy

Grievance Procedures

Health and Safety Policy

Information Security Policy

Lone Workers and Home Working Policy

Media Policy

Overtime and TOIL Policy

Publication Scheme

Recruitment Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Social Media and Electronic Communications Policy

Snow Clearance Policy

Training and Development Policy

Volunteer Policy