News from Welwyn North Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Neighbourhood Watch, Hertfordshire Police: 

At the begining of June 2018 several residents in Digswell had their vehicles either broken into or interfered with.

Last Sunday evening into Monday morning once again residents awoke to find their vehicles vehicles either broken into or interfered with this time in Oaklands and Mardley Heath.

Please find below some crime prevention advice for your vehicle.

  • Thieves look for insecure cars. Ensure you lock all doors and shut windows/sunroof whenever you leave your vehicle unattended.
  • Never leave keys in the ignition.
  • When parking, remember to set your alarm or immobiliser if you have them, otherwise use an approved steering lock or gear lever clamp.
  • Remove your SATNAV and holder and wipe away any suction marks which could indicate to a thief that a SATNAV is stored in your vehicle.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle – not even in the glove box or boot – and keep ALL possessions out of sight – even coats, sunglasses and carrier bags. Remove all tools from your van.
  • Be aware of your keys, keep them out of sight in a safe place. Store car ownership documents at home, not in your car.
  • Number plates are often stolen for criminal use. Secure yours with anti-theft screws. If you advertise your vehicle for sale online ensure the number plate is obscured, to avoid cloning.
  • For more information visit yourvehicle.

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Rob Taylor
Welwyn Hatfield North SNT
Neighbourhood Watch