Welwyn Parish Council is made up of 11 councillors who are elected for a four year period.  Our next elections are due in 2019.
The parish is divided into three areas or wards, each with its dedicated councillors:

You can find out more about the individual councillors by clicking on their names.
When they all meet together for Full Council they are able to make decisions on behalf of Welwyn Parish Council.  To allow them to look at issues in more detail there are also a number of Committees which meet in public and some have delegated authority on decisions. Sometimes Councillors meet in Working Parties with members of the community to work on projects and deliver recommendations to Full Council so they can make informed decisions.

Who else represents you?

As well as the Parish Council there are also:

To find out who represents you just type your post code in at: https://www.writetothem.com/