Welwyn Parish Cemetery is located at the edge of Welwyn village and is set in quiet, peaceful countryside surroundings.  Records show that the Cemetery has been in continuous use since the 1880’s (following the closure for burials of St Mary’s Churchyard – which the Parish Council also maintains) and there are many magnificent mature trees around the site.

Welwyn Parish Council works hard to retain the lovely setting of a country Cemetery with many quiet spaces for visitors to spend time in.

For burials, the Cemetery has three distinct areas:

  • Consecrated Ground (for Church of England burials)
  • Roman Catholic area
  • Non-Conformist area (for burials of those with other religions and no religious beliefs.

Our burial plots have space for two buried remains first (caskets and coffins) and then up to four cremated remains.  A simple memorial headstone can be placed on these types plots.

Welwyn Cemetery

Our Garden of Remembrance plots have space for four sets of cremated remains and a single simple memorial tablet can be placed on these types of plots.

Older plots did allow for kerbing but this is no longer permitted, you can read more about what is allowed in the cemetery regulations below, or find out more by contacting the office.  In addition there are plots with chippings, these are not allowed and are dangerous when it comes to the maintenance of the cemetery and in particular grass cutting.

For our regulations, forms and charges please click here.